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Your success has nothing to do with luck, you’ve earned it.

You’ve worked diligently to get where you are today. You’ve come a long way and you don’t plan on stopping. You bring an attitude of excellence to everything you do. You encourage others to be their best. You conquer obstacles that seem impossible to others. You think big. You’ve got gumption. How do we know this?…

We’ve heard about you

If you’ve been contacted by an agent at Finding Pharma, then you’ve been specifically chosen and recognized as someone who is in the top 5% in your field. You are an ideal candidate for our client base, which consists of only the best companies within the pharmaceutical industry. We connect top talent to the top companies.

We only work with the best candidates and clients

We have a strategic method to selecting the companies we work with. To sum it up, we have a rigorous qualification process to assure that each company has a proven track record. Some of the requirements include: exemplary employee satisfaction, integrity and solid, ascending growth.

We are not recruiters, we do not cast a wide net in the talent pool, and do not invite unqualified candidates to interview. We’re connectors, equally for employers and employees. As a result of our tough standards, we only work with a handful of clients. That doesn’t mean that they have to be the biggest, just the best. This approach allows us to build stronger relationships with our clients, as well as our candidates, to better understand their needs.

What’s next for you?

At this point, maybe you’re happy where you are. Could things be better? Maybe you’re frustrated with the leadership or integrity of your company. Maybe you feel stuck and your opportunities for growth are uncertain.

Are you being rewarded and appreciated for being awesome?

You deserve to be recognized and appreciated for your outstanding efforts. You deserve to work with a company that believes in you and rewards you for contributing to their success.

Want to go bigger?

If you want to go bigger, get even better, and have more of life, then upload your resume. We’ll match you with a company and position that will help you achieve what you know you are capable and deserving of.

Completely Confidential

Don’t worry, all correspondence with us is guaranteed to be confidential. We understand that you may not want anyone to know that you’ve explored other options. We want you to feel comfortable to reach out and learn about what could be exactly the future you are looking for.

No-Hassle Policy

We’re not in the business of hassling people. We are respective of your time and your decisions. We’re a small group of friendly folks that just want to share available opportunities to the right people.

Not quite ready?

That’s ok, we understand that this is a process, and we don’t take that lightly. You can simply send us a message to let us know that you aren’t quite ready now, but want to keep up with new opportunities for the future.

Ready to explore new opportunities?

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