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Messages from Placed Candidates

I wasn’t looking for a new job because I thought I had it pretty good and I liked most of the people I worked with. I was pretty happy, but there was always something nagging at me a little, telling me that I could be doing better and that I need to keep my options open. I had recently started to feel like my ideas didn’t matter. I know my skills and work ethic are more valuable than what I was getting credit for. Sometimes change is hard for me, so when Angela from Finding Pharma contacted me about a new opportunity, I was hesitant to apply for another CRC position, even though it sounded great. About a month later, a co-worker of mine took a job at the same company as a research assistant and she really liked it, so I called Angela back to see if there was another research coordinator position available. I interviewed for the position the following week and was hired on making more money and I feel good about my decision. Finding Pharma really helped streamline the hiring process, I’ve told several of my friends to keep up with new positions available since many of them are in the Pharmaceutical industry too. – Andrew M., Tempe, AZ


I had a great experience working with CJ at Finding Pharma. I had heard about an RN position that opened up with a company that I was interested in, so I sent my resume through the website and he reached out to ask me a bunch of questions to make sure I was a good match with what the company was looking for. About a week later, I got an interview! Everything went so quickly! I’m excited, I start on Wednesday! -Michelle L., Omaha, NE


Last month I got a call from Finding Pharma, which happened to be a day that I was questioning myself about my job because there were rumors going through the office about some unethical management practices. I had dedicated 4 years to them and the last year had so many changes that made me feel disconnected. I considered that call to be a sign that I was needed elsewhere! I just started, but so far, I’m really happy with my new job. –  Leslie B, Scottsdale, AZ